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Bernie Sanders’s line about raising taxes is going to be a thing, even though he did a pretty good job explaining it.

“We will raise taxes, yes we will,” he told Chris Cuomo, who drilled Sanders on whether he was “bringing back the era of big government” as if that’s self-evidently a bad thing. Cuomo’s line of questioning focused more on Sanders’s insistence that he will raise taxes than on why he’d raise taxes or who he’d raise taxes on—and that’s exactly what the Clinton campaign is going to do in the coming days before Iowa.

At the town hall tonight, voters seem genuinely curious about Sanders’s policies—they’re asking questions about how they work, how he’ll pay for them, and what American democratic socialism means. 

Sanders did a good job answering those questions and he even got in a good line about how the redistribution of wealth has worked in this country over the past three decades—that it’s gone from working families to billionaires. But it’s not the line that people are going to remember.