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Donald Trump drops out of Thursday’s GOP debate, and takes his war with Fox News to a new level.


What is almost admirable about Trump is his willingness to do battle not only with nearly a dozen presidential candidates in a Super Smash Bros.-style melee, but with a whole host of other people who get under his very thin skin, including Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Vander Plaats, Glenn Beck, everyone at National Review, George Will, and, most ambitiously of all, Roger Ailes of Fox News. Trump’s announcement this evening that he had made an “irrevocable” decision to skip the debate because Fox News refused to pull moderator Megyn Kelly, another of his nemeses, can easily be seen as a foolish move, since it hands his rivals a primetime platform to pound him when he isn’t there to defend himself. It also invites Fox News to unload on him, if the network should choose to do so. But if the option is between losing even the smallest amount of face by subjecting himself to Kelly’s questions and nuking Ailes’s spot, well, you know which way Trump is going to go.