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Watch these Trump bros bro out about Trump.


Every aspect of this video is fantastic, but a few things stick out: 

  • The tank tops (mostly American flag-themed, though one is for SigEp Rush).
  • The cheesy fake EDM bed music.
  • “Politics is supposed to be boring. So, when three 18-year-old kids are driving out to go to a Trump rally: That’s a movement!” 
  • They have the names of characters in a Thomas Pynchon novel about a country club: “Turner Eakins,” “Tate Moyer,” and “Brody Buck.” 
  • They talk about his “un-PC” rhetoric like he’s Seth MacFarlane. 
  • “In school we learned about how America was great, you know, a while ago or whatever. And I kinda want to live through that as an 18-year-old.”

Donald Trump: candidate for the frustrated, the fearful, and the lax bros.