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Don’t distract Kanye from his creative process.

Earlier today Wiz Khalifa indicated that he was not a fan of Kanye changing his album title from Swish to Waves—the wave is Max B’s territory, not Ye’s—but that wasn’t what got Ye’s goat. Instead, Kanye’s advanced Kardashian targeting computer set its sights on a Wiz tweet reading, “Hit this kk and become yourself.” 

Wiz pretty much only tweets about smoking weed and quickly indicated that “kk” in this instance meant weed (presumably king kush), not Kim Kardashian, but it was too late: Kanye went in. Check West’s feed for the full Twitter essay (he didn’t link the tweets, so he could probably learn a thing or two from Jeet Heer), but here are a few of the best tweets from Hurricane Yeezy. (UPDATE: Kanye deleted all the tweets knocking Wiz and replaced them with some sappy shit about how Planet Earth is made of rainbows. The ghosts of said tweets can be seen below. Also, Amber Rose just absolutely ethered Kanye.)