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Mike Huckabee’s new ad is an Adele parody because he has nothing left.

Huckabee’s new ad is an extended parody of Adele’s “Hello” with the candidate trudging through the snows of Iowa. The morose lyrics include this cry for help:

Arctic blasts
Sub-zero chills
Campaigning is a dream
I got frostbite

As an attempt to win political converts, this ad is very strange since it makes no real case for Huckabee. As a musical parody, it is strictly B-minus material, not even on the level of Weird Al Yankovich. Neither political advocacy nor parody, the ad can only be seen as a gesture of defiance. Huckabee, who is at 2.3 percent in the national polls, is basically saying his campaign is such a meaningless farce that all he can offer is a completely sad and senseless ad.