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Ferguson residents finally get their say in the city’s settlement process with the Department of Justice.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

After months of secret negotiations, the city has published the full 131-page text of its preliminary agreement with the federal government and asked residents to weigh in. Various groups, including Ferguson Truth, had criticized the lack of transparency up until this point, though city officials always maintained that the public would have an opportunity to voice their opinions. 

In March of last year, the DOJ released the results of the civil rights investigation opened following unrest over the police shooting of Michael Brown. Among the report’s many findings was the systematic targeting of black residents for petty driving infractions. 

Activists and journalists will no doubt be reviewing the new agreement in the coming days. So far, journalist Chris King, who broke the story on Twitter, has reported that city police will no longer be able to engage in profit-seeking policing strategies like those exposed by the DOJ. 

You can read the full text of the agreement here.