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Jeb Bush bet $20 that Trump will show up at the debate, which makes me think he won’t.

Bush hasn’t exactly displayed a Midas touch this campaign, so I’m inclined to think that $20 will join the tens of millions of dollars he’s shoveled into a furnace. But it’s really anyone’s guess at this point whether Trump will appear at the last Republican debate before the Iowa Caucus, to be held tonight in Des Moines. Bill O’Reilly tried to bring Trump into the fold in an interview last night, saying he should “come back, forgive, go forward,” but Trump insisted, “I don’t like being taken advantage of.” Ted Cruz’s allies, pulling an old trick from Trump’s playbook said they would give $1.5 million to veterans groups if Trump debated Cruz “mano-a-mano,” but Trump has ignored the offer. Meanwhile, Trump claims that two other candidates have expressed interest in joining his competing event for veterans at Drake University. If there’s any truth to this claim, the candidates must be those who didn’t qualify for the primetime debate and/or are angling for a cabinet position. Jim Gilmore? Mike Huckabee?