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Women, please learn what it means to be a feminist.

Unless you are a human being who thinks women are fundamentally unequal to men and do not deserve equal economic, political, and cultural opportunities as men, you are a feminist. You may not always agree with everything feminist activists say and do, but there must be more Americans who support that broad concept than is suggested by a survey from The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation.

The survey found that two-thirds of men don’t consider themselves a feminist, consider themselves anti-feminist, or have no opinion. But an even more disappointing finding is that 39 percent of women are in the same boat (the bulk of whom answer they are not a feminist).

Other answers reveal a few insights about this confusion. Seventy percent of Americans consider feminism to be empowering but 43 percent also think the word “angry” describes feminism. Forty-one percent of women think feminism unfairly blames men, and the numbers get even more depressing when it comes to what types of candidates men and women would support. A full 58 percent of women and 72 percent of men haven’t voted for a candidate based on her or his support for women’s rights.