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Martin Shkreli made a diss track about Ghostface Killah.

Heels are having a moment right now. Maybe Donald Trump is riding the wave, maybe he’s driving it, but everyone loves heels! Disgraced price-gouging pharmaceutical bro Martin Shkreli clearly understands this—the man’s favorite wrestler is Damien Sandow, an elitist scoundrel who pretends to be a Rhodes Scholar (and rules). Shkreli thinks that this is his heel turn, but as his Ghostface diss video shows, there’s nothing to root for—he’s awkward, douchey, and can’t keep his drugs straight (China White is not cocaine, bro). Also, he talks a lot about how his haters have to stay anonymous but his own friends will only appear in videos with him if they’re wearing masks. 

Shkreli says that Ghostface has to apologize for calling him a “shithead” or he’ll destroy the $2 million album he bought. Whatever, man.