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Ted Cruz’s Donald Trump impression sucks.

Everyone knew the Republican debate would be a bit dull without Donald Trump in attendance, but some hoped the billionaire’s absence would allow other candidates time to shine. Instead, Cruz took it as an opportunity to crib Trump’s big-dog act despite sucking at it.

Borrowing a page from the Republican frontrunner’s book, Cruz resorted to complaining that everyone in tonight’s debate was attacking him. When debate moderator Chris Wallace pointed out that it was a debate, after all, Cruz engaged in a whiny, plaintive, entirely-too-serious argument with him, before finally hushing up.

What makes Trump’s total defiance of all norms entertaining is that it comes from the only authenticity he has, which is a deep-rooted, almost delusional narcissism. Cruz’s Trump impression is instrumental, arising not from Cruz’s actual disposition, but from his desire to imitate useful tactics in order to advance his interests. If you were wondering what’s worse than Trump, it’s diet Trump.