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The Iowa caucuses have barely begun and CNN’s coverage is already totally out of control.

This shouldn’t be surprising—CNN has been running a countdown clock for the caucuses for what’s seemed like weeks—but the network’s coverage tonight is off to a nutty start, a weird mix of stating the obvious and doing things that don’t make any sense. A brief summary: 

With little to go on, CNN reported its entrance polls, which is ridiculous enough, but from the data they were able to glean that the Democratic race was between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the Republican race between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio—which is what we all knew. Here are the “early favorites,” four minutes after the caucuses technically began: 

CNN has eight analysts plus Wolf Blitzer plus two anchors plus whoever is analyzing their silly polls plus reporters in at least a dozen locations. One of the people just said, “I just saw someone kiss Donald Trump. It could be a future trophy wife!” which probably still won’t be the dumbest thing said today.