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Why doesn’t Ben Carson just buy new clothes?

FOX / Giphy

After reports emerged that Carson would be taking a break from the campaign trail after Iowa, the Carson camp has hit back hard. While representatives have repeatedly denied that their candidate is going on vacation, their explanation for why he’s leaving Iowa early doesn’t make a ton of sense. 

The Carson campaign maybe protesting too much, but that overlooks the bigger question: Why is Ben Carson flying home for fresh clothes? Hotels can usually turn around dry cleaning in an evening. FedEx-ing his clothes to Iowa or New Hampshire would only take a day, and would be significantly cheaper. Buying new clothes would be faster, and only slightly more expensive. How can we trust that Ben Carson will be a fiscally responsible Republican if he thinks that flying home every time he needs fresh underwear is sound economic policy? 

Or maybe this explains why Carson’s campaign is burning through cash: They’re flying all over the country to get clean clothes.