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Despite placing fifth in Iowa, Rand Paul says he isn’t going anywhere.

Paul won only four percent of votes in the Hawkeye State Monday night. He was hoping to finish fourth behind Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz in a state where his father won more than 20 percent of the vote four years ago. Through Monday morning, he was assuring journalists that he had never lost a race and that the “days of the pollsters being accurate are gone.”

But shortly after the news networks announced he had finished a distant fifth, Paul appeared at a rally to thank his supporters. “We are not trading our liberty for anything,” he said. “Not now, not never. Hell no.”

Campaign officials say he has no plans to leave the race, even though his campaign has failed to catch fire. A year ago, pundits speculated that Paul could form a new kind of Republican coalition that included minorities, libertarians, and millennials. But he was often caught between being an iconoclast and a conventional Republican, alienating both his supporters and traditional conservatives.