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John Kasich is all-in in New Hampshire.

As most Republican presidential candidates were in Iowa on Monday night, awaiting the results of the caucuses, the Ohio governor was halfway across the country at a town hall in New Hampshire. (He finished eighth in the caucuses with less than 2 percent of votes.)

“There’s only so much of me to go around, as my wife is thrilled to know,” Kasich said on Fox News earlier in the day. “I’ve had to invest in where, I think, we have the ability to see as many people as possible.”

Kasich has spent almost no time in Iowa, instead staking his candidacy on New Hampshire, where he has held nearly 100 town halls, including the one tonight.

He wasn’t the only one skipping the caucuses: Jeb Bush, who drew less than 3 percent in Iowa, also held a town hall in New Hampshire. Both are hoping their head start can get them into the double-digits in the Granite State.