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Would you look at that, Bill Kristol got something right!

Bill Kristol is always wrong and never right—especially so when it comes to making predictions about political contests. In late 2006, he said Obama didn’t have a chance. He said Mike Huckabee could be the Republican nominee in 2008 and Rudy Giuliani would win in 2012. Kristol has also made bad predictions about Sarah Palin, Ted Stevens, Cory Booker, Iraq, LGBT rights, and pretty much everything else.

This election season, Kristol has called #PeakTrump eleven times since even richer Littlefinger entered the race in June. 

Despite coming in second last night, there’s no real evidence that we’ve seen #PeakTrump. But that doesn’t mean Kristol shouldn’t celebrate! He correctly predicted the results of last night’s caucus and even came pretty close on the percentages:

Bill Kristol will make another correct prediction in 2019.