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Donald Trump once again proves Twitter is a great medium for pouting.

Jim Watson / Getty

Ever since Trump lost the Iowa caucus, fans of the real estate mogul’s Twitter feed have been wondering how the man who loves to proclaim himself a winner would deal with defeat. It was a long wait. Trump’s normally chatty feed went dead silent for over thirteen hours. But finally, Trump weighed in with a stream of tweets that palpably moved through the stages of grief. Trump started by trying to put a brave face on his loss, but ended with bitter, petulant remarks that his self-financed campaign was “not worth it.” 

The last tweet really highlights the absurdity of Trump’s position: He’s a self-proclaimed billionaire who is trying to make America great again, but running a campaign on the cheap. If making America great is the goal, then why not put some skin in the game? 

One other interesting thing to note about Trump’s activity on Twitter this morning: He appears to have deleted many of his “get out the vote” tweets and retweets relating to yesterday’s Iowa Caucus. Trump isn’t exactly known for deleting tweets—his controversial retweet of a neo-Nazi, for instance, has not been taken down.