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Donald Trump once did the draw for English soccer’s League Cup. Really.

The year was 1992. The presidency was, if anything, but a glimmer in his eye. He had just filed for bankruptcy for the first of four times. Maybe it was to get away from it all for a bit, or maybe he just wanted some fish and chips, but Trump hopped across the pond... to help the English Football League decide the quarterfinal draws for what was then called the Rumbelows League Cup. (Today it’s the much-less-excitingly named Capital One Cup.)

Trump was entrusted with picking the away teams, and in his last draw, paired eventual champions Leeds United with second-placed Manchester United. 

“That’s a biggie,” Trump said. “That sounds like the game I want to go to.” He might have been bluffing, or he might just have revealed a pretty good grasp of soccer, that sport of immigrants and heathens. Would soccer make America great again, Donald?