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Bob Woodward thinks Hillary is too loud.

The longtime Washington Post bigwig told Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe today that Clinton has a problem with her “style and delivery” at rallies. “[S]he shouts,” he said. “There is something unrelaxed about the way she communicates.”

Scarborough agreed, replying, “[H]as nobody told her that the microphone works?”

Setting aside the fact rallies are, well, pretty much made for shouting, Howard Dean tried to assert that no one would criticize Clinton’s delivery if she were a man. Scarborough adamantly denied this claim, yelling, “I’d probably too if there was a man who always talked like this on stage, I would make fun of that man a lot faster than I would’ve made [fun of] a woman.” Scarborough has apparently never heard of this guy Bernie Sanders, whose register even in intimate settings doesn’t usually dip below a hoarse shout.