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Rubio: You can’t be happy unless you’re rich ... except in America.

As the GOP’s number one billionaire whisperer, Marco Rubio spends a lot of time in the orbit of wealthy political donors. But whereas many politicians endure groveling at the feet of plutocrats as an unfortunate job requirement, for Rubio it seems to satisfy a lifelong fascination.

Politicians say a lot of ridiculous things, especially when they’re paying homage to the United States (Best health care system in the world! Only in America could I run for President of America! etc) but this ranks near the top. It’s actually possible to be happy as a person of modest means in many countries!

But if America is the exception, then Rubio’s rule is “only money can make you happy.” And Rubio has let it slip now and again that personal wealth, and helping others obtain it, has long been his lodestar, even his inspiration to get into politics.

At one point, Rubio was asked where his inspiration for politics originated. “He said, ‘I remember one day my father took me in the car, and we drove over to the neighborhood where Liberace’s house was.’” List noted.... “‘We would drive around that neighborhood, and he’d show me where all the rich people lived, and he’d say, “Son, if you want to live like these people, you can do it.”’”

As Gawker’s Alex Pareene wrote recently, “Rubio’s favorite thing about being in elected office might simply be proximity to money, and the people who have a lot of it.”