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The Sanders and Clinton campaigns are in the middle of a Twitter flame war and it’s great.

AP File Photo

Both Hillary and Bernie have done their level best to grin at one another over clenched teeth and avoid the kind of mudslinging that has characterized the Republican primary.

But with one contentious contest in the rearview mirror and another fast approaching, their two campaigns are starting to get a bit feisty. Hours before the two meet in a televised town hall in New Hampshire, Sanders’s Twitter account sent this: 

It was the first in a series of subtweets directed squarely at Clinton questioning her progressive bona fides.

Well, Clinton’s team was not about to let Bernie have the last word, and they clapped back hard:

The Democratic debates have so far been cordial and substantive, which makes for smart politics but lousy television. If you miss the fireworks though, give both these candidates a follow.