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No one says “no” quite like Hillary.

Back in the first Democratic debate, Lincoln Chafee hammered her for the controversy over her personal email server. 

“Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond?” host Anderson Cooper asked. 

“No,” she responded, grinning. The dismissal was just one nail in the coffin of Chafee’s hapless campaign.


It happened again tonight, when Rachel Maddow asked Bernie Sanders about his most recent campaign ad. “Endorsed” suggested that two local newspapers, the Nashua Telegraph and the Valley Times, had officially thrown their support behind the Vermont senator. In fact, neither paper has endorsed a Democratic candidate. The Telegraph’s editor has called the spot “deceptive.” 

Maddow asked whether Clinton wanted to comment on the issue. She responded with a single word: “No.” And with that, the issue, like Chafee, will probably go away.