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Carly Fiorina isn’t wasting her time watching the GOP debate.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A debate on Saturday night before the Super Bowl certainly isn’t primetime viewing. But even Fiorina isn’t bothering with it. “Instead of the debate, Carly and Frank will be having a date night of dinner and a movie in Room 306,” the campaign said in an email

Fiorina is only snubbing the debate that snubbed her. Though she is currently polling better than Ben Carson in New Hampshire—3.9 percent to Ben Carson’s 3.3 percent—she wasn’t invited by ABC News. 

Fiorina has quite a few allies who’ve advocated for her inclusion, including Senator Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte:

Still, she didn’t meet ABC’s criteria to qualify; she didn’t place in the top three in Iowa nor does she poll in the top six in New Hampshire. 

Update: It appears Fiorina watched the debate, after all.