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Nearly everyone at the GOP debate thinks bringing back waterboarding is a great idea.

Finally, a cause to unite a fractured party. Ted Cruz refused to say that he would support torturing terrorism suspects, only because waterboarding, the torture technique he was asked about, isn’t torture. Cruz said that waterboarding is merely “vigorous interrogation” that doesn’t “meet the generally recognized definition of torture.”

He is wrong:

But Cruz was not alone in his opinion!

“I would bring back waterboarding, and I would bring back a lot worse,” said Trump, who thinks that entry-level torture is not enough torture.

Jeb Bush, to his credit, would not bring back waterboarding. Rubio took a different approach, saying there’s no point arguing about whether waterboarding is torture or not (it is) since President Obama is trying to close Guantanamo, which means there are fewer people we could hypothetically waterboard. “We’re not interrogating anyone right now!” Rubio complained.