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Rudy Giuliani is upset that Beyoncé got into formation during the Super Bowl.


During the halftime show, Queen B performed her new song “Formation,” whose video includes scenes of a young black boy dancing in front of a line of riot police and of a wall that says “stop shooting us” in graffiti. On Fox & Friends, Giuliani stated that it was “outrageous” that Beyoncé would use her platform to “attack police officers.” He went on to argue that #AllCommunities should “build up respect for police officers.”

He wasn’t the only one bent out of shape that Bey would dare use the Super Bowl to send a message. Michelle Malkin tweeted this:

However, the cake has to go to the National Sheriff’s Association, which put on what was probably the most underwhelming protest of all time. At their Super Bowl party, held in a Marriott, they turned their backs to what I presume was a TV during Beyoncé’s performance. They also turned off the volume and video. Say what you will about the NYPD, at least when they turned their backs to Bill de Blasio, it was to a real, live human being. I do commend their sacrifice though, of missing the only part of the Super Bowl worth watching.