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Monica Lewinsky follows in Kim K’s footsteps with her own line of Emojis.

In preparation for World Safer Internet Day on February 9, Lewinsky took to Vanity Fair to announce her own line of #BeStrong emojis. The emojis are meant as a tool to quickly send support when you see that someone on your social media feed is being treated poorly—before you get distracted by newer, more exciting tweets.

Lewinsky’s announcement is full of dramatic visions of what it’s like to be bullied on Twitter. And amidst hard data about cyber-bullying lurk poetic lines, such as, “Emojis are like modern-day cave paintings: simple, direct, visual.”

But to be completely honest, the emojis on offer are pretty boring. Made up almost entirely of either heart shapes or circle shapes with hands in various supportive clasps, it looks more like the emoji version of a bro-hug than anything else.