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Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire’s young female vote by a landslide.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

In the contest between Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the votes of young women have become a key area of contention, with theories proliferating as to why they seem to strongly prefer Sanders. Tonight, New Hampshire’s young women voters confirmed the trend. According to exit poll analysis

Sanders won women by 53-46 percent, as well as prevailing far more widely among men, 65-34 percent. Sixty-nine percent of women under 45 backed Sanders (including 82 percent of those under 30 women), while Clinton won women 45 and older by 56-43 percent.

Among all voters under age 30, Sanders beat Clinton by a huge 84-15 percent margin, another result similar to Iowa.

In all, less than 20 percent of young women in New Hampshire voted for Clinton. Why? 

Today I theorized that the female 17-29 set leans heavily toward Sanders for reasons related to their age and age-related social positions. New Hampshire Democrats also register as especially liberal and invested in “honesty and trustworthiness,” so Sanders’s far-left, consistent-messaging tack likely helped him across the board.