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Exit polls indicate New Hampshire Democrats are way more liberal than in 2008.


Democrats in general are not as afraid of the label “liberal” as they were 16 years ago, when Bill Clinton was serving his last year in the White House. Pew Research Center finds that 42 percent called themselves “liberal” in 2015, compared to 27 percent in 2000. That’s clear in exit polls tonight, a good sign for Bernie Sanders.

NBC News’s exit polls show 68 percent of Democratic voters describe themselves as liberal. In 2008, when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, that number was 56 percent. ABC News reported early exit polls showed two-thirds of voters want single payer health care

About half of voters said Clinton was “about right” on the issues, while a third said she’s “not liberal enough,” according to NBC. But 68 percent of voters say Bernie Sanders is “about right” on the issues. On the other hand, most Democrats said they did not want more liberal policies than President Obama’s.