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Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and he’s shooting baskets to celebrate.

Winning New Hampshire is a huge accomplishment for Sanders. While many pundits are arguing that it may not change the race—New Hampshire, a white, affluent state, is particularly well-suited for Sanders, electorally speaking—it is still a remarkable achievement for a Jewish democratic socialist. In fact, he’s the first Jew to win a primary in American history.

But Sanders isn’t celebrating with champagne or with a cigar. Instead, he’s shooting baskets with his grandkids in a school gymnasium. Sanders isn’t the most stylish shooter, but he’s surprisingly competent. He’s shown off his Bill Cartwright-esque free-throw shooting form before, but tonight we got to see his surprisingly effective old-fashioned, two-handed set shot. Sanders looks like Steph Curry out there. As Megyn Kelly just noted, “Is this some kind of joke? He’s making every single one!” 

FOX/Elspeth Reeve

He’s got post game like Hakeem Olajuwan:

His layups lack flair, but a basket is a basket: 

FOX/Elspeth Reeve

But Bernie has his celebrations down

FOX/Elspeth Reeve