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This Warriors fast break is the basketball equivalent of an Italian Rennaissance

Last night’s Warriors-Rockets matchup was a joy to watch. The Rockets kept it close—flirting with leads they just couldn’t hold onto in the second half—by trying to go three for three and transition basket for transition basket with the Dubs, which is famously impossible. The game didn’t have quite the drama or the spectacle of last Saturday’s Warriors-Thunder game—the Warriors closed out, easily winning 123-110—but it was a beautiful shootout, and the Rockets looked better on both sides of the ball (but especially the defensive side) than they have all year. 

But the undisputed highlight of last night, was this 94-foot fast break, which exemplifies so many of the Warriors’ virtues, particularly their brandy of flashy unselfishness. Titian couldn’t have painted it better (if he painted basketball and not clouds).