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Primary Concerns Episode 1: The New Hampshire Primary

Yes, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won. But there's more to it than that.

Dominick Reuter/Getty Images

Welcome to Primary Concerns, a New Republic podcast exploring the 2016 presidential primaries, hosted by senior editor Brian Beutler. Primary season can be a fascinating and confusing part of the election process. Each week, we’ll post a new episode pegged to election results, debates, and other big news from the Republican and Democratic races.

On the first episode, Washington Post political correspondent David Weigel joins to assess the New Hampshire primary. We discuss Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’s landslide victories, whether Marco Rubio has any future, and if Hillary Clinton’s “firewall” of support from black and Latino voters will hold as she looks towards South Carolina and Nevada. Take a listen.

Email us at to let us know what you want to hear about the primaries. We welcome your questions.