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Cleveland wants Tamir Rice’s family to pay for the inconvenience of having their son shot and killed.

Tamir Rice Family Image

It’s been a year since 12-year-old Tamir Rice was killed by police officer Timothy Loehmann, but even after a grand jury refused to issue any indictments in the case, Cleveland officials aren’t quite done rubbing salt in the wounds of Rice’s family.

The city is demanding $500 from Tamir Rice’s estate for unpaid expenses related to Rice’s treatment and transport in an ambulance. The claim was filed in Cuyahoga County Probate Court on Wednesday, and family attorney Subodh Chandra was quick to call out the city for the decision. 

“The callousness, insensitivity, and poor judgment required for the city to send a bill—its own police officers having slain 12-year-old Tamir—is breathtaking,” said Chandra in a statement to the media. “This adds insult to homicide.”