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Cliven Bundy finally got himself arrested for his 2014 standoff with the government.

Cliven, the father of Ammon and Ryan, the two leaders of the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, was arrested at Portland International Airport on Wednesday night. He was on his way to that refuge to protest his large adult sons’ arrest when he was taken into custody on charges relating to the 2014 standoff, which began after federal officials tried to confiscate his cattle in response to his decades-long refusal to pay federal grazing fees. Bundy has been charged with a felony, “conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties.”

After a tense standoff with federal officials who encircled the Oregon camp last night—in a super profane livestream the remaining four militia members repeatedly said that they were willing to die (and a bunch of other, mostly incoherent shit)—the standoff is supposed to end Thursday morning, with a peaceful surrender.