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Kanye is at it again.

After changing the name of his album four times (from So Help Me God (OK) to Swish (great) to Waves (fine) to The Life of Pablo (ugh), owning Wiz Khalifa for pretty much no reason, going on an ill-conceived, misogynistic rant at his ex Amber Rose that totally undercut his pretty good Wiz burns, showcasing his horrible handwriting, and finally declaring BILL COSBY INNOCENT, Kanye is at it again. 

At his album release party at Madison Square Garden yesterday, a new ‘Ye song premiered with the lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why, I made that bitch famous/God damn/I made that bitch famous.” Setting aside the dubiosness of this claim, TMZ reported that West asked Taylor for her permission and she “got the joke and gave him the thumbs up to release the song with the lyric.” Swift’s reps quickly denied that was the case though. So, this morning West said that he was an artist so he can say whatever he damn well pleases:

But that actually he didn’t write the line, Taylor did: