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Donald Trump wants the Senate to “delay, delay, delay” the confirmation of Antonin Scalia’s replacement.

CBS News’ John Dickerson kicked off the Republican debate with questions directed at each candidate on whether President Barack Obama should nominate a new justice to take the place of Scalia, who died Saturday. Most of the candidates denounced Obama for saying he would nominate someone

Trump was more realistic. “I would certainly want to try and nominate a justice, and frankly I’m absolutely sure President Obama will try and do it,” he said. “I think he’s going to do it whether it’s okay to do it now.” But the resourceful businessman also had a solution. “I hope that our Senate is going to be able—Mitch [McConnell] and the entire group—is going to be able to do something about it.” According to Trump, the name of the game is “called delay, delay, delay.”