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Jeb Bush’s continues his macho rebrand by chest bumping his brother.

When last we heard from poor Jeb!, he was posting a picture of his gun on Twitter with the caption “America” because, as Donald Trump says, he’s a tough guy, a real tough guy, real tough! And not, say, desperately trying to assert his masculinity after endless emasculation at the hands of Donald Trump.

Jeb’s macho rebrand, which also includes ditching his dork glasses for cool dude contact lenses, continued apace on Wednesday, when footage from a new ad was released, including this beautiful, incredibly awkward chest bump between Jeb Bush and George W. Bush: 

To be fair to Jeb’s manliness or whatever, he does totally own his brother here, who is a tough guy who clears his own brush, which is a thing that all real tough guys do. But man, this is awkward, as the audio—laughter so loud it sounds like it should be coming from a Vic Berger IV video—testifies.