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Hillary Clinton clearly watched Bernie Sanders’s portion of the MSNBC town hall.

And ate her Wheaties. Clinton had a lot of energy in her hour at tonight’s town hall, and she used it to not only go after Sanders’s biggest weaknesses (which were scrutinized in the first hour of the town hall), but to refer to the tough questions he was asked and the answers he gave. In most instances—like one about immigration policies that separate families for years—Clinton responded directly to the person who asked Sanders the question and told them that she will do a better job. 

Clinton had an easier time than Sanders, but it also can’t be denied that she’s just better at this. While she spent the last debate attaching herself to President Obama, tonight she was more independent and willing to discuss policy, and she was all the better for it. The “I was the first person to call out Trump. I said, ‘Basta!’” line was a little much though.