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Trump’s favorite McDonald’s meal is a Catholic conspiracy.


The Republican frontrunner is locked in a battle far above his dignity, namely a rather one-sided flame war with Pope Francis. The beef began when a journalist aboard the papal plane asked the pontiff about some of Trump’s statements on immigration; Francis replied that if Trump really advocates the anti-immigration policies the journalist mentioned, he’s not a Christian. 

Trump reacted predictably, calling Pope Francis’s remarks “disgraceful,” and refreshing his claim that the pope is a pawn being used by Mexico. Meanwhile, some Trump supporters laid on the anti-Catholicism thick: 

But if Trump’s going all-in for the nativist Know-Nothing vote, he’ll need to check his McDonald’s prefs. Trump stated during last night’s town hall that his favorite McDonald’s meal is a “fish delight,” which, if he means the Filet-o-Fish sandwich, is an invention created to court Catholic customers during Lent