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Here comes Cheddar: “a CNBC for millennials,” and proof that we have run out of names for startups.

Walt Disney

The new media company—which is being launched by Jon Steinberg, formerly president of BuzzFeed and CEO of Daily Mail US, and has already raised $3 million in funding—“will stream one to two hours of live content every day, primarily from the New York Stock Exchange trading floor,” Business Insider reports. Here is its logo:

This company is not to be confused with Cheddar, the “next generation” consumer banking app; Cheddar, a billing platform; Cheddar Up, a group payments service; or cheddarr, a “draftkings for stocks” (because why bet on the stock market when you can bet against strangers in a fantasy tournament in which you play the stock market?).

“Provolone” appears to be available, though.