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Karl Ove Knausgaard’s fans are weird.

Since it became a global phenomenon, the Norwegian author’s My Struggle, a six-volume, 3,600 page lutefisk preparation manual, has inspired mania in many of its fans. “Knausgaard-free days” have been declared in Oslo offices (maybe); virtually every American novelist of note has gushed to The New York Times about how freakishly brilliant Knausgaard is, including noted vest-wearer Jeffrey Eugenides, whom he made uncomfortable; and he inspired the best plotline to date on TV Land’s underrated Younger. All of it seems to make Karl Ove Knausgaard uncomfortable.

The latest example of Knausgaard’s fans acting weird is this tweet from a Waterstones bookstore in London that hosted the author Monday evening: 

What exactly is going on here? I’ve reached out to the store for comment, but haven’t yet received an explanation. I’ll update this post when I do. 

Update: I have been told that, shockingly, everyone who attended this reading did not spontaneously decide to make a Knausgaard mask for this evening’s reading but that the stunt was for an upcoming segment on BBC Artsnight.