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Hillary Clinton, riot grrrl icon?

“One cannot live one’s life based on what somebody else’s image of you might be,” a young Clinton says in this fan video set to Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl.” The point is well taken, since the video shows how a mere change in soundtrack can transform an image entirely. Meet Hillary, the queen of the neighborhood.

The video isn’t new. It surfaced on YouTube in September, and Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, tweeted it out last week. (Daily Kos immediately listed all the ways in which Clinton is not, in fact, a #RebelGirl.) But it seems in sync with a new wave of appreciation for Clinton’s status as a feminist leader, following some highly publicized stumbles by her supporters. As Jill Filipovic wrote recently in the Times, older women, in particular, “want to see a woman in the Oval Office. If it’s not this woman, this year, then who and when?”