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Casey Affleck did not want Stephen Colbert to pick on him last night.

Things got off to an awkward start and never quite recovered on last night’s The Late Show. Colbert began by teasing young Affleck, who was promoting Triple Nine, a movie no one has heard of, for dressing down, after he walked on set looking like a “street corner Jesus.” He then proceeded to correct him when he said his costar Kate Winslet is British (which she is); tell him that he only watched an hour and ten minutes of Triple Nine because he had to help his son with a science project; ask if Casey has any other siblings, “beside the one that I know about”; and challenge Affleck to a fight. Affleck seemed genuinely put off by all the teasing, which only spurred Colbert on. It’s not quite Colbert vs. Maher or MacDonald vs. Thorne Smith, but this is still one for the Pantheon of Awkward Late Night Interviews.