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Stephen Colbert is trying to wrap his head around the concept of “President Trump.”

Talking about Trump’s Nevada victory on Wednesday night’s Late Show, Colbert said, “I’m not sure if I’m horrified or entertained.” Colbert said of Trump’s string of victories, “It’s like one of those nature documentaries where the python unhinges his jaw and slowly swallows the capybara—and then becomes President of the United States.”

But Colbert thinks it might just be time for Republicans to stop dithering and start settling: “This billionaire having his way with our election is shocking and unthinkable to the billionaires who have their way with our elections. .... But establishment Republicans aren’t just relying on money, they’re also relying on Marco Rubio, a man who doesn’t mind telling you he was not your first choice. He’s just saying the election’s not getting any younger and America needs to settle. He might not be the president of your dreams, but you’ll learn to love him.”