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On the eve of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, the franchise unveiled its newest games, Sun and Moon.

The games were revealed online today and will be released later this year. Seeing that Pokémon is turning 20 tomorrow, it might be a good time to reflect on what has changed in the franchise since then (and also lament how much cooler I was 20 years ago when I could still recite the Pokémon rap).

It seems like we’ve come a long way since Pokémon customers were satisfied with simple colors for their games; red, blue, green—even yellow if you were lucky and had parents who loved you. Now, it looks as if the franchise can barely keep up with the kids, who apparently want their Pokémon to look like a combination of the Jetsons robot and BB-8.

To be fair, Magiana isn’t the biggest indication that Nintendo might be running out of ideas. That award would probably have to go to one of the Pokémon that are shaped like inanimate objects such as Lampent (a lamp), Vanillish (an ice cream cone), or Klefki (a ring of keys). Or maybe Garbodor, who is literally just a pile of trash. Now, back in MY day...

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to go out and buy the new Pokémon games and play them. That would be crazy. And, really, I’m just excited for what they will come out with next.