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Rubio insults Trump and immigrants for being bad spellers, while proving he can’t read.

Rubio is coming off of Thursday night’s debate with new energy. The candidate was in Dallas on Friday morning, reading a string of #meantweets penned by Trump to a thoroughly entertained crowd. The now deleted Trump tweets accused Rubio of being a “lightweight choker” and “looking like a little boy on stage.” Rubio was having a blast, reading them out loud to his supporters, calling out Trump’s various misspellings of “lightweight,” “honor,” and “choker.”

But in his haste to land all his sick burns, Rubio seemed to confuse the actual spelling of “choker” with “chocker” or “chalker,” and vice versa.

Here’s the since-deleted Trump tweet Rubio mocked most aggressively. 

And here’s how Rubio read it

We might forgive Rubio’s error as yet more campaign trail silliness, if he didn’t insult immigrants in the process, but that’s exactly what he did: “Just like Trump Tower,” Rubio quipped, Trump “must have hired a foreign worker to do his tweets.” This is about as rich as making a sexist “women can’t do math” joke while flubbing simple arithmetic. It’s a bad look for anyone, especially the guy claiming he can expand the GOP’s appeal.