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A poem

We’re back today with mist on a checked shoe.
To the entertainment of the people, the 5th
annual B--- Film Festival Leona’s Empathy, has
just been announced. By the time that the alleged victim

puts her own daughter in the supermarket,
sapped limbs, and then it became infected, and...
Fellow concierges, you will not hurt me if I slam the door.
It’s really not good for her to be inside.

If you’re driving downtown (I was going to),
anything I can do to help.  But this was 24 hours,
we’re talking chicken crosswords, love’s bodily face.
I’ll bring ’em over here.  There was this play

when I was a kid.  She played an astronaut. I also think
not to bring food in the house. So let him talk about it
in trying to keep up with him, right where a chicken leg came in,
a certain amount of nowhere.

I lowered the volume. The sweets came first, their range
bracing. But what about the grace-notes? Where are my noisettes,
the elder-flower water? As dirt is to the floor,
which is more than can be said for some people.