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The Trump Revolution is already underway.

Here’s the lede of a Texas Tribune story about Robert Morrow, who was elected Travis County GOP chairman on Super Tuesday: 

The newly elected chair of the Republican Party in the county that includes the Texas Capitol spent most of election night tweeting about former Gov. Rick Perry’s sexual orientation and former President Bill Clinton’s penis, and insisting that members of the Bush family should be in jail.

He also found time to call Hillary Clinton an “angry bull dyke” and accuse his county vice chair of betraying the values of the Republican Party.

Sound familiar? Well the local GOP is “apoplectic” that Morrow was elected—Travis County is the fifth-largest in Texas. Travis County vice chair Matt Mackiowak told the Tribune“I’m treating this as a coup and as a hostile takeover.” (Morrow responded by telling Mackiowak to go fuck himself.) 

Donald Trump has, of course, wedged himself into the controversy. Per the Tribune

Even as Mackowiak attempts to unseat Morrow, Morrow has called Mackowiak’s own conservative credentials into question, especially because of recent tweets from Mackowiak that included the hashtag #NeverTrump.

“I don’t even think Mackowiak is going to support the Republican nominee, who is probably going to be Trump,” Morrow said. “What kind of traitor to the party is Matt Mackowiak? The incredible amount of damage someone like him does to the party — and he’s a douchebag.”

Morrow, whose Twitter account is very special, won 54 percent of the vote.