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Primary Concerns Episode 4: Trump’s Super Tuesday Triumph

John Moore/Getty Images

Super Tuesday has come and gone, but the memories will last a lifetime. On this episode of Primary Concerns, New Republic senior editor Elspeth Reeve and culture news editor Alex Shephard join the show to discuss the night’s results, including Donald Trump’s seven-state win, the Republican establishment’s dimming hope of stopping him, and what the losers will do next (what’s your plan, Marco Rubio?).

But what are the moral implications of Trump’s victories to people who have no say in them? At this point, he is the presumptive Republican nominee. Do liberals have an obligation to help conservatives stop him? Host Brian Beutler discusses these questions with Josh Barro, a domestic policy correspondent for The New York Times, and Yair Rosenberg, a senior writer at Tablet magazine.

Further reading:

  • The early warning for Trump’s candidacy that we all missed, by Josh Barro for The New York Times
  • How Rubio’s strategy to win looks a lot like Netanyahu’s, by Yair Rosenberg in Tablet magazine
  • The upsides of Trump’s nomination, by Brian Beutler in the New Republic