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Donald Trump thrives in chaos and this Republican debate is chaos.

FOX News

It’s madness. Chris Wallace and Co. are doing their damnedest to maintain control, but it’s hard to say who’s rowdier, the crowd or the candidates. The crowd has been out of control since the curtains came up—they’re hooting and hollering at every question and every insult. But the candidates are just as bad, except poor John Kasich, who is in the token “whining about how much time he’s getting” slot. Marco Rubio and Trump have been particularly bad, shouting at each other at every opportunity. While Rubio and Ted Cruz have mostly steered the debate toward policy and ideology, Trump has reigned supreme, bragging about the size of his dick and demeaning “Little Marco.” The problem with Republican debates devolving into chaos is that Trump thrives in chaos, dragging his fellow candidates into the muck, where he can out-insult them. Seven months after the first Republican debate, and his rivals still haven’t figured out how to effectively hit him.