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John Oliver isn’t done with Donald Trump.

Last week, Oliver devoted 21 minutes to doing what more than a dozen Republican campaigns had failed to do: He vetted Donald Trump. (And then ritually disemboweled him before a live studio audience.) 

This week, Oliver spent most of his show discussing “special districts,” obscure government units whose main purpose seems to be to drain as many tax dollars as possible. But, after Donald “Don’t call me Drumpf” Trump bragged about his penis on national television, Oliver couldn’t help himself. 

If you’ve listened to Oliver’s work with Andy Zaltzman on The Bugle, the great, now dormant podcast, you’ll know that he’s a dick joke connoisseur—in episode 69 (nice), the hosts spend a full 16 minutes discussing a giant penis that a teenager drew on the roof of his parents’ house. He doesn’t disappoint here, discussing Drumpf Jr. as a “Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off.”