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Dinesh D’Souza’s crazy new movie Hillary’s America is the fringe right’s 12 Years a Slave.

With dramatic reenactments from his time in a community confinement center, ominous music that could have come from a teaser for Godzilla (though the monster we glimpse this time wears a blonde bob), and a cameo from Liberal Fascism author Jonah Goldberg, this trailer could only be a D’Souza joint. Its premise is that the Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise that has taken over the United States, and in so doing has succeeded in obscuring its past crimes against the country. White supremacy, slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, lynchings, segregation—all championed by Southern Democrats. “Why has all this been swept under the rug?” D’Souza asks. 

He concludes, “What if the goal of the Democratic Party is to steal the most valuable thing the world has ever produced?” What is this precious thing? Is it nuclear energy? Love? Lasers? Beyonce? No, it’s America.